Me (as Samantha Parkington) and Marlene Flood (as Grandmary) backstage during the beginning of my 2 year run in The American Girl Revue.

One cast of The American Girl Revue in our contemporary girl costumes (I’m on the left with my braces smile and my eyes closed...)

The first group of “American Girl Ambassadors”: girls chosen from the cast to do public events.  Here we’re singing The Star Spangled Banner in Grant Park at the beginning of a charity walk, pictured with our MD, Jamie Schmidt, and PSM  Monica Atwood

Me answering a question at a talkback after an event at Navy Pier, with AG Ambassadors.

The American Girl Revue CD signing.  I’m on the left, pictured with several girls from the cast, as well as our composer Nancy Ford (center) and librettist/lyricist Gretchen Cryer (right)

The CD signing, myself (I sang Samantha on the recording), with Samantha Meron (who sang Kirsten) and Laura Sheinbaum (Josefina).